“Helping you align your goals and harness technology so you can become the best financial version of yourself.” – Randy Takaki, CFP®

Life is busy, so it’s all too easy to put off financial planning.  Or to just invest in what seems reasonable at the time, and hope that things will work out.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always end well.  It’s no wonder why so many people live with financial uncertainty.

TAKWEALTH creates strategies for you from the ground up.  So they meet your goals and help you manage risk.  Providing comprehensive financial planning to help you map out a path to achieve your goals, one by one.  More importantly, it’s all done with you as an active participant, so you understand your wealth, your strategies, and your potential vulnerabilities.

Meet Randy

In 2016, after more than a decade of working in the financial services industry, Randy Takaki founded TAKWEALTH with the vision to better the lives of his clients through personalized wealth management. After graduating from UCSD with a B.S. in Artificial Intelligence, he spent over a decade as a senior advisor and AI developer in the data-driven world of asset management. Today, Randy continues to implement unique methods leveraged by data science, now delivered through his practice, TAKWEALTH. 

Randy’s experience and dedication to client success is apparent through more than TAKWEALTH’s high client retention rate. He enjoys sharing a unique financial planning experience with individuals, couples, families, and business owners and aims to build trust with clients. From doctors and engineers to newlyweds and families, Randy provides analytics and tracking with a warm sense of safety to you and yours. 

When Randy is not working hard for clients, you can find him adventuring the outdoors with friends and family or planning his next computer science project.

“Your financial goals and life vision create the foundation from which we serve.”

Randy’s genuine objective for TAKWEALTH clients: is to build trust by delivering data-driven results with humble care. He has crafted an innovative process of financial planning and investment management.

Why Work with TAKWEALTH

Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, including wealth management.  But instead of passing on value to you, automated investing platforms and push-button financial plans usually just increase profits. Worse, these solutions often leave you more vulnerable to risk and market downturns.

We don’t believe this serves you well.  That’s why at TAKWEALTH, we provide a very different service.

We use technology to help us do more thorough and faster research. This way, we have more time to provide you with better strategies and more personal attention.  By striving to control risk more effectively, we help you seek more consistent results…no matter what is going on in the market.


We custom-tailor your investments to your specific needs.  That way, you’re invested in a manner that can help you achieve your goals and minimize downside risks, as well.  And we explain it all to you in plain language, so you can feel comfortable with how and why you’re invested.

More Control to Prevent Large Setbacks

Cookie-cutter strategies can create a false sense of security since they are usually suited to “the average person” your age, which may or may not be appropriate for you.  That may leave you taking too much (or too little) risk.

At TAKWEALTH, we provide intensive risk analysis to help you avoid significant losses that can set you back.  This can help you feel more confident about your financial future.

Help with Tax Planning, Stock Options, and More

Most practices focus on investments, but that’s just one aspect of your financial life.  TAKWEALTH is here to help you with all of your financial needs:

  • Strategies to help reduce your taxes
  • Estate planning strategies to pass on your wealth tax-efficiently
  • College planning to help you more efficiently save for the future
  • Charitable giving planning, so you can make the most of your gifts
  • Stock option and employee benefit strategies
  • Retirement plan advice for you or your small business

Transparent Fees and Support

While you’re building wealth for your future, what you pay matters too, so we take transparency seriously.  You’ll pay one straightforward fee for all of our financial planning and investment management work.  You’ll always get our fees in writing before any work starts.  And, support is included to make it easy for you to call or email anytime TAKWEALTH can be of help.

When you’re serious about achieving your financial goals, let TAKWEALTH put you on the road to making it all a reality.

Bringing Full-Service Financial Advice into the Modern Age