Personalized Strategies for More Financial Confidence

Times have changed, and as a result, managing your financial future is more complex.  Here are some of the challenges you may face:

  • How much should I be saving to have the life I want in retirement?
  • What if I live longer than I expect?
  • Can I (or should I) protect my investments from market volatility?
  • How do I generate interest safely at low-interest rates?
  • How will climbing government deficits and spending affect me?

For all these complex questions, simplistic portfolios and automated financial planning are not enough. These approaches don’t even begin to address all of these concerns.

TAKWEALTH strives to provide personalized strategies that can help you address all these variables, so you can feel more confident about your future.

Focused on Helping to Manage Risk

Many people don’t think about the risk until something bad happens.  Whether it is a stock market event, a recession, a pandemic, or an unexpected accident or divorce, all of these things can potentially harm your quality of life.

TAKWEALTH believes that an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure…especially when it comes to your financial security.  So instead of attempting to help you pick up the pieces after the damage is done, we like to analyze your risk now and prepare, before anything has happened.

If you’ve been invested in the stock market for more than a decade or two, you undoubtedly have experienced some of these events.  There will inevitably be difficult periods and we can’t just assume the market will always bounce back quickly.

We’ll help you identify blind spots and work to remedy them.  This can make the difference between a negative time in your life and a devastating blow.

Support for Better Decisions

Along with investment strategy and financial planning, there’s another critical ingredient to your success: avoiding big mistakes.  In real life, that’s often easier said than done.  Most of us have been there at one time or another.  You wished you didn’t buy the timeshare, or invested in your brother-in-law’s “can’t miss” business idea.  Or maybe it was just chasing a trend that was too far along.

We’re here to be that objective, reasoned side that can help you avoid those big mistakes in the first place. Once you’re a client, we’ll encourage you to call or email if there’s anything financial you need help with.

Our Services

Investment Management

  • Your financial professional knows your entire financial picture, as well as your preferences
  • You ask questions and get direct answers
  • You participate in the strategy, so you understand it

Risks are carefully managed, and your investments are tailored to help you meet your goals.   Along with it, you’ll get more attention and more help, so you can make the most of your resources.

Tax Planning Strategies

  • Keep an eye out for opportunities for you to save on taxes
  • Consider the impact of taxes on your investments
  • Recommend strategies that maximize your after-tax returns
  • Coordinate with your tax professional to help find and implement strategies to save you money
  • Once strategies are identified, help you implement them as needed.

You have a choice to implement the recommendations in your financial plan on your own, with your Financial Planner or through another financial services professional. If you choose to implement your plan with your Financial Planner, he or she may sell other services or products to you is his or her capacities as (i) an investment advisor representative (“Advisory Representative”), (ii) registered representative of Pruco Securities, LLC, and/or (iii) a licensed insurance agent of Prudential (collectively ‘Prudential Representative”.)

Retirement Planning

  • Strategies to help generate sustainable income in retirement
  • Analysis to help you maximize your Social Security benefits
  • Assistance with applying for Medicare
  • Withdrawal strategies to minimize taxes
  • Assistance managing expenses and cash flow
  • Ongoing risk management

College & Education Planning

  • Financial planning to help estimate funding needs, including accommodations, food, books, and transportation
  • Research to find the best savings vehicle to help meet your needs, whether it’s a 529 college plan, a Coverdell plan, or something else
  • Once decided, we’ll help you determine how much to contribute and when

Insurance Planning

  • During our planning process, we review areas where you need risk management in the form of insurance: usually home, auto, life, disability, etc.
  • We’ll look at your current coverage to see if you have too little or too much, or if maybe you’re spending more than you need to.
  • We can recommend insurance that fits your needs to help manage risk.
  • If you’re employed, we’ll help you review any employer-offered plans that might be a cost-effective option for you.
  • We can assist you with the research of life insurance, disability income insurance, or home/auto coverage if they fit your unique needs.
  • We strive to help you find the right solution at a favorable price.

You can play as active of a role in the process as you’d like.  We love educated clients and believe the more you know about your wealth and strategies, the more confident you’ll feel about your future.

Our service begins by working with you to build a roadmap to your ideal future, then aligning your investments to help you achieve those goals.